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        Aramark's pandemic response

        In this taxing and unsettling time, Aramark is deploying our technical resources, partners and vendors to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. While we offer our profound concern and compassion for those impacted by COVID-19, we are also vigilantly working to meet the needs of our employees, clients, and customers.



        March 13: You have my personal commitment that Coronavirus (COVID-19) has our full attention. As I’ve said before, nothing is more important to us than the safety and well-being of our employees and their families, our clients and our customers. We are taking the necessary steps to stay informed and engaged with the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization guidance for preventing and reducing the spread of COVID-19.

        Read more about what we’re doing to reduce the spread >

        March 18: This is truly an unprecedented time in our history that we will get through together. We know that it is creating significant personal hardships, especially for our dedicated hourly associates who serve our clients and customers every day.

        Read more about the measures we’re implementing to help our associates >

        April 2: One of Aramark's defining values is the Company’s selfless passion for serving others. Never has this passion been more evident than it is today. Our team members are heroes working among heroes, helping us get past the acute phase of this current crisis.

        It is heartbreaking to witness the impact on people and communities around the world, on our customers and most especially, on our employees and their families. In order to safeguard our employees and position the Company for long-term, future success, I have had to make some incredibly hard, near-term decisions that will enable us to protect the maximum number of jobs and allow our valued team members to return to Aramark as quickly as possible.

        Read more about the near-term actions we're taking >



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